Couple things: People are struggling to find date-night ideas during pandemic

Nearly a year after the COVID-19 pandemic led to mass shutdowns and stay-at-home orders, couples across America are struggling to find ways to keep the spark alive. 

A new study compares couple’s pre-pandemic date-night activities to their post-COVID life. Of the 2,000 people surveyed, more than half reported that pandemic life has put a strain on their relationship, and one of the main stressors is a lack of creative ideas for dates during this time of isolation.   

Eighty percent said that their most popular date-night activity before the pandemic was going out to dinner, with 59% stating that ordering take-out is now the go-to date-night option.

Shopping together and going to see a movie came in second and third place as pre-pandemic date-night activities, which since the pandemic have since been replaced by preparing food at home and staying in for a movie.

Other ways of dating during over the past year include game nights, playing video games and cooking meals together. 

Additionally, 53 percent of singles who were surveyed say they had a virtual first date during 2020, with an average of two dates per month.