Survey shows how the pandemic changed perceptions about love

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner — the first locked-down V-Day — the results from a new survey about love in the time of COVID are interesting. 

According to the non-scientific poll of 2,000 Americans, 70% say 2020 has changed their perspective “on what truly matters.” 

All told, 58% of the respondents said the way they think about love “has totally changed” because of what we went through in 2020.

The OnePoll survey showed that because of the pandemic, respondents are valuing the little things in their relationships more than ever, like dinner with family (44%), phone calls with friends and family (42%), and quality conversation (41%). Twenty-four percent say “morning coffee dates” were swoon-worthy.

And while 2020 was awful for most people, two in three say the year’s trials left respondents with some treasured memories, like one respondent whose girlfriend professed her love after spending so much time locked down together. 

Sixty-four percent say 2020 made them love their loved ones more than ever; and 73% say it’s now more important than ever to show love to those people.

As for what constitutes doing so in 2021, 70% said little gestures beat out going all-out for days like Valentine’s Day. Thirty-five percent just wished their special someone would take care of dinner “without being asked.” 

Thirty-four percent said doing the grocery shopping would do the trick; 32% were just happy when their loved one leaves the gas tank full. 

In fact, 62% admitted they don’t want a “big fuss” made over Valentine’s Day, though 51% said they want to make the day special in a new way, according to the poll commissioned by Nathan’s Famous.