Survey says 98 million Americans will spend less on this pandemic Valentine’s Day

With social distancing rules in effect, it’s likely not surprising that the most romantic holiday of the year would take a hit. 

However, it might be a surprise to learn that 50% of those polled in a new national survey from the financial site WalletHub say they’d rather get jabbed by Cupid’s arrow and find true love than get stuck with a needle full of the COVID-19 vaccine.  Then again, nobody wonders about the safety and efficacy of the shots in Cupid’s quiver.

The survey also shows that 98 million Americans say they’re spending less on this first official pandemic V-Day. That’s not to say they’re not willing to spend — in fact America‚Äôs sweethearts plan to spend $21.8 billion on gifts, an average of $164.76 per person celebrating.  Of that, $4.1 billion is spent on jewelry, $2 billion is shelled out for flowers, and another $2 billion for candy.

Men outspend women for Valentine’s Day by more than two-to-one, according to WalletHub’s numbers: $231 vs. $101 on average. 

What’s more, men are nearly two times more likely to think getting that perfect gift for that special someone is worth getting into credit card debt — ironic, considering 47% of those polled said they’d break up with their partner if he or she spent irresponsibly and 47% say they wouldn’t marry someone with bad credit.