Man finds others with same name, so naturally they start a band

Out of the billions of people in the world, it’s no surprise that someone else out there could have the same exact name as you. What may be surprising, though, is that when one man found others with his name, they decided to start a band. 

Paul O’Sullivan was perusing Facebook when he randomly decided to search his own name and send out friend requests to a few of his name twins, the Washington Post reports. After a few accepted he realized throughout their posts that they actually has some things in common and sent a message to each of them individually — and they all responded. 

That thing in common was music and thus The Paul O’Sullivan Band was born. The quartet is comprised of four Paul’s — Paul O’Sullivan, 57, of Manchester, England, Paul O’Sullivan, 52, of Rotterdam, Netherlands, Paul O’Sullivan, 57, of Weatherly, Pa., and Paul O’Sullivan of Baltimore, Md. — and to differentiate between each other they use the location of where they are from — Baltimore Paul, etc. 

The bandmates have yet to meet in person — except for Pennsylvania Paul and Baltimore Paul — have already recorded a song called “Namesake,” which is about a long-distance relationship, much like their own, the outlet describes.  

While they are definitely having fun making music together, the Paul’s say that their bond goes beyond music and they have gained brothers for life. 

“There is something very difficult to put your finger on about the friendship that you develop with people that you share the same name with,” Manchester Paul explained. “I never thought it was a thing, but indeed, it is a very nice thing.”