Bernie Sanders banks on Americans being smitten by his mittens

Senator Bernie Sanders‘ mittens became one of the biggest fashion statements during and after the 2021 presidential inauguration — if not THE biggest.  

The senator’s hard-to-miss mittens, along with his brooding pose, were turned into a meme that quickly swept the internet — jumping the shark in less than a day as small businesses, celebrities and major corporations tried photoshopping Mr. Sanders into various photos.   Now, the senator hopes that he can bottle some of that lightning and make a difference by updating his official merchandise store.

The hot-ticket item currently turning heads on the Sanders campaign store is the Chairman Sanders Crewneck — which retails for $45.  It’s already been sold out but should be back in stock within four to eight weeks.

Before you ask, yes it was made in the USA and union printed — plus it touted 100% combed ring-spun organic cotton fleece.

The heartwarming thing about Sanders cashing in on his viral fame is that all proceeds from the sweatshirt went toward Meals on Wheels Vermont, according to the website.

That said, the brown, white and black pattern mittens Sanders wore to the inauguration were sustainably created by Vermont-based second grade teacher Jen Ellis, who whipped up three more pairs and is auctioning off on Ebay.

One pair will benefit Passion 4 Paws Co, a Vermont-based foster dog rescue while another will support the college fund for Ellis’ daughter.  The third pair was donated to Outright Vermont, who is also auctioning off the mittens for charity.

“Bernie Sanders called me earlier today to tell me that the mitten frenzy has already raised an enormous amount of money for Vermont charities. I am not authorized to disclose the amount yet- but it’s BIG and it’s amazing! Thank you!! Generosity brings joy,” she tweeted.