Woman claims she “lost” $2 million winning lotto ticket… sues lottery

A woman will do whatever it takes to get her hand on the lotto winnings she claims she won… even if that means dragging the whole darn lottery institution to court.

News 9 Australia reports that a woman from Queensland claims she “lost” a lottery ticket worth $2 million.  So, as the woman rifles through her house to find the ticket she “misplaced” … she is banking on a lawsuit.

Yes, a woman who cannot prove she won the lottery is suing The Lott because she says she’s entitled to the earnings.  The case is already in front of the Supreme Court.

The woman says she bought a Gold Lotto draw 3315 with cash on January 22, 2014 but then the ticket upped and vanished.

The woman says she can prove she had such a ticket because the winning numbers coincide with anniversary and birth dates from family members.

She argues her case before the court on February 3.