Oral surgeon celebrates getting his COVID-19 vaccine by singing Frozen song

With some predicting a “Roaring ’20s” return when COVID-19 is behind us, an oral surgeon in Chevy Chase, Maryland is celebrating the little things he’ll be able to do after getting his vaccine.  

Dr. Jared Abel waited until his scheduled vaccination day to take to Facebook to sing a COVID-19-inspired version of Frozen‘s “For the First Time in Forever,” but listing the things we’ll all be able to do after he — and everybody else — gets inoculated.

“For the first time in forever/I’ll be going out at night!” he sings. “For the first time in forever/I’ll have to use a comb.” 

Although Americans are currently getting the vaccine, when it comes to COVID-19, it will take some time before we can, eh, let it go, Abel cautions. 

“We still gonna have to wait/but eventually we’ll be able to congregate!” he sings triumphantly.

Frozen is owned by Disney, parent company of ABC News.