App discovers what we already knew: We spent on booze & carbs during the pandemic

This might come as no surprise if you’re one of the millions who packed on the “quarantine 15” since March, but new consumer data from a cash-back app shows Americans spent the most on booze and carbs in 2020. 

According to numbers crunched by Ibotta comparing what its users bought in 2019 to their spending in the first half of 2020, spirits sales jumped 33%. Sales of bakery items jumped 17%, according to the data, and wine spending was boosted by 13%.

Reflecting more time we spent in the kitchen during the lockdown, meat, poultry, and seafood sales jumped 16%, while spices and condiments bounced 15%. 

One big drop, according to Ibotta’s numbers? Clothing. Apparel sales fell a whopping 37% for their users, compared to 2019, likely because millions have only needed to dress ourselves from the waist up for Zoom calls. 

Here’s a breakdown of other spending habits for the first half of 2020 vs. 2019, as compiled by Ibotta: 

Spirits — up 33%
Bakery items — 17%
Meat, poultry & seafood — up 16%
Condiments, sauces & seasonings — up 15%
Deli products — up 15%
Beauty & grooming — up 14%
Canned goods & soup — up 13%
Wine — up 12%
Frozen foods — up 12%
Health & wellness products — up 10%
Beverages — up 9%
Dairy — up 9%
Snacks, cookies & chips — up 7%
Household essentials — up 7%
Produce — up 6%
Candy — up 4%