Rep. Chris Corry announces House Committee assignments for 2021 session

Washington House Republicans recently announced their ranking member and House committee assignments for the upcoming 2021 legislative session. 

Rep. Chris Corry, R-Yakima, who earlier this year was elected by his Republican colleagues as assistant floor leader, has also been selected as the assistant ranking Republican on the House Appropriations Committee. This committee considers fiscal matters for the state, including the biennial operating budget, the supplemental budget, and other bills with large financial impacts.

“Responding to the coronavirus-induced recession will drive most of the work I do on the House Appropriations Committee. We must prioritize economic recovery in the state’s operating budget, including help for job-producing business owners,” said Corry. “State spending needs to be done wisely, with an eye on fostering business growth and resiliency, so that people can get back to work.”

Besides his role on the Appropriations Committee, Corry will serve on the House Consumer Protection and Business Committee, which considers financial services and consumer protection issues, among others.

“My goal on this committee is to protect consumers, while at the same time incentivizing business and job growth. The question is, how can we do that? I believe that through a spirit of collaboration, we can create an atmosphere in our state that encourages economic growth, and protects consumers,” continued Corry.

And finally, Corry will serve on the newly created House Community and Economic Development Committee. The committee will consider issues relating to community development, community investment programs, and underrepresented communities. It will also consider issues relating to economic development and economic resiliency, including small business assistance; business financing; international trade; tourism; parks and recreation; telecommunications; and broadband; as well as emergency preparedness, response, and resiliency.

“As a legislator from a rural district, the work of this committee is at the heart of what we need to do to help struggling small businesses and the communities they support to not only survive but thrive,” said Corry.

The 2021 legislative session is scheduled to begin on Jan. 11 and convene for 105 days.