Virus-weary Americans less festive this year

With four days left to the Big Day, ’tis the season for last-minute Christmas gifts — which generally tend to be not so great. 

The non-scientific poll commissioned by Punchbowl noted that half of respondents have purchased a gift on Christmas Eve and 39% have even purchased a gift on Christmas Day.

Forty-one percent have copped to buying a last-minute gift at a grocery store, 33% at a drug store, 30% a liquor store, and 23% at a gas station. 

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that people have gotten some pretty bad gifts over the years. Some of those, according to the poll, included a voodoo doll, an ashtray, mouthwash, matches, a broken watch, windshield wipers, and toilet paper — though nowadays, the latter wouldn’t be so bad, considering 2020. 

The poll also noted that six in 10 people say they get “easily overwhelmed” by the number of gifts they have to purchase, with 59% seeing holiday gift giving as a chore. 

Sixty-two percent said the pandemic has made giving gifts even harder — even with online ordering, with 71% saying they’re worried about shipping delays.