Eco-Friendly toilet paper company letting you virtually TP your friends

While the age-old prank of wrapping someone’s trees in toilet paper likely isn’t too popular in these TP-scarce COVID-19 days, an eco-friendly company is letting you TP a friend, virtually. 

More accurately, the “eco-chic” company No.2 is letting your friends and family try out their bamboo-based toilet paper with their “You Got TP’d” campaign.

Simply enter your name and the email of the person you want to TP, and the company will send them one free roll of the stuff, which the company promises gives a “superior wipe that’s better for you and mother earth.”

With toilet paper still a hot commodity thanks to COVIDiots hoarding it during the pandemic, it’s also a pretty significant gift for which you don’t have to spend any money. 

For the record, the company points out that “global traditional toilet paper production consumes over 27,000 trees daily,” and alternatives like bamboo-based paper can help share the load.  So to speak.