Survey shows Americans slept worse in 2020 than last year

Perhaps it will come as no surprise considering the pandemic, political unrest, and everything else that made 2020 so much, but a new survey shows Americans didn’t get great sleep this year. 

The non-scientific poll of 2,000 Americans sponsored by MattressFirm shows that Americans got, on average, five and a half hours of sleep per night in 2020, compared to the six hours and 17 minutes we got in 2019, before we ever heard the words “social distancing.”

Of respondents in three different age groups, Baby Boomers apparently slept the best, pulling in 6 hours of sheep-counting; Millennials and Gen-Xers got around 5 hours of sleep. 

For the record, the recommended amount of shut-eye is 7-9 hours.

According to those surveyed, only 38% said they slept well in 2020; most described their Zs as “fine” or “not well.”

Apparently, 54% said they have changed their bedtime ritual this year to get some sorely-needed shut-eye — 26% say they’ve started winding down with a self-care routine before bed; 26% say they’ve added a white noise generator to help them count sheep.