Ho-Ho, oh? Dating.com survey finds ugly Christmas sweaters to be a huge turn-on

While ugly Christmas sweaters are, by definition, pretty hideous to look at, a new survey from Dating.com shows they can be pretty attractive to a potential partner. 

In fact, 96% believe that they serve as an effective conversation starter for singles looking to mingle.

What’s more, 42% of those who “typically would not make the first move” admitted they’d be willing to do so if the person they had their eyes on were wearing said cringe-worthy Christmas couture.

With 52% responding that the ugly sweaters show off a sense of humor, and 70% saying a sense of humor is the most attractive quality in a partner, it’s a good bet that wearing one in your dating app profile pic will get you some clicks.

To that end, Dating.com gave its ugly Christmas sweater selfie tips, which include using a timer on your phone so you have time to get your sweater fully in frame, and picking an ugly sweater that matches your interests, like movies or a favorite sports team.

Also, “accessorize, accessorize, accessorize” — the site suggests if you’re going garish, don’t skimp on the sparkle, such as “pairing your sweater with accessories like a light-up necklace or antler headband.”

Maria Sullivan, Dating.com’s vice president and resident dating expert, says, “We’re finding that singles appreciate humor now more than ever. And although the holidays may look different this year, singles have spoken and ugly sweaters are here to stay.”