Drunk driver crashes into restaurant, tries carjacking the wrong good Samaritan

You know you’re in for a real bad day when you watch a car veer off the road, smash into a restaurant and, when you try to help, get a knife shoved in your face.

KSTP reports that an SUV smashed into a restaurant in Saint Paul, Minnesota, on Thursday… and the scene deteriorated from there.

First off, the 23-year-old driver was inebriated and was reportedly all over the road before he decided to give the little brick restaurant an SUV-inspired facelift.  The car jumped the sidewalk, crashed into a wall and smashed through the windows — triggering a gas leak.

Secondly, when concerned bystanders rushed to help, the man leapt from his cars with fists flying.  In fact, he ran into the street and tried stealing another vehicle — with the driver still inside.

As it turned out, the man chose poorly because the good Samaritan refused to budge from the driver’s seat.

The two traded fisticuffs, with witnesses saying the drunk landed a few punches to the face before whipping out a knife.

Even with a messed up face and staring down the business end of a knife, the driver refused to give in and kept the drunk distracted — allowing responding troopers enough time to arrive on scene and make an arrest.

As for the hero who took a face beating, he was taken to the local hospital for some bruising and swelling.

Police say that the assailant was also taken to the hospital, but once he checks out, they plan to slap him with several charges like aggravated assault and several DWI convictions — the latter of which will add to the pile currently on his rap sheet.