Survey says 94% of parents worrying about kids’ grades sliding because of COVID-19 remote learning

new survey shows that 94% of American parents say they worry their kids’ grades are being hurt by COVID-19-related remote learning.

The non-scientific survey of 2,000 parents, commissioned by online coding education company CodeWizardsHQ, also revealed that 54% of parents complained that bandwith issues were hurting the virtual classroom experience, 40% say their children were missing the group interactions of in-person class, and 39% say remote learning is harmed by their kids being distracted by their at-home “classroom.”

Their fears appear to be warranted: school districts around the nation have been reporting declining grades and performance from students as they continue to learn virtually from home during the pandemic.

The poll noted that parents had suggestions for making remote learning more productive, too, including the 40% who wished online classes could be recorded for future reference, and 35% wishing their kids’ teachers could live-chat with students who needed help. 

That being said, 55% claim virtual learning fits their child’s learning style.