Survey says working from home is figuratively kicking our butts

If you’ve found the continuing lockdown to be a pain in the butt, you’re not alone. A new survey shows that three in five Americans are feeling new aches and pains since their time in quarantine — mostly centered on their backs and behinds. 

The non-scientific survey was commissioned by the people who know a thing or two about the latter: Preparation H.

Seventy-four percent of those surveyed in the poll of 2,000 Americans say they’ve found themselves sitting for longer periods of time throughout the day since the pandemic began — an additional four hours a day, in fact. 

This means Americans on average are spending six hours on their duffs, as a result earning themselves pain in their butts in 22% of the cases.

However, working from home doesn’t necessarily mean sitting down: 27% say they’ve been working from bed, and 14% work on the floor.

Thirty-nine percent say they’re spending more time on the toilet, with nearly one in 10 saying they’ve taken a work call, had a meeting or sent a work-related email from the throne. 

Needless to say, all of these work environments aren’t great for your back or your backside. 

To add to the situation, 34% say they’ve eaten worse since the pandemic began.  Add that to respondents saying they’ve spent on average five hours a day sitting as they watch entertainment and as many as three hours sedentary on social media.

“Too much time spent sitting can put excess pressure on your backside, which can have some unpleasant effects. To that end, nearly one-quarter of Americans have suffered from hemorrhoids since spending more time at home in 2020,” noted Brett Henige, senior brand manager for Preparation H.

Ain’t that a pain?