Survey says 60% of Americans see giving gifts as a competition

While the polite excuse for a less-than-stellar present is usually that “it’s the thought that counts,” a new survey suggests that’s not the case for some people.

In fact, the poll of 2,000 Americans shows 60% admit they see gift giving as a competition, and one that’s fierce for trying to “out-gift” their loved ones. 

The non-scientific poll sponsored by diamond company DeBeers also revealed that among these competitive givers, 39% say they’re trying to out-gift their siblings this season, 37% are trying to show up their friends, and 33% say they’re competing with a significant other.

This year in particular, which is already stressful, now can add gift-giving stress to the equation: 67% admitted that the overall lousiness of 2020 is making them think that finding the perfect gift for someone is more important than ever. 

Some 72% said they are hoping to find more meaningful gifts for their loved ones this year as a result of the pandemic.

In general, 55% of those polled said they’re stressed about gifting this year — and nearly a quarter of those are nervous about being out-done by someone on their list. 

Thirty percent say they worry about finding the perfect gift, though 24% say they worry that gift won’t be appreciated.

That being said, 18% say they “always” find the perfect gift for their loved ones.