Woman’s new home is literally where the heart is

After moving into her new house, a Glasgow woman was shocked to discover part of a human heart in the kitchen.

The Mirror reports Kathryn Gaston found a jar in the kitchen containing an aortic valve in formaldehyde.

The bizarre discovery was crowned the winner of a freakiest finds contest conducted by a British sofa company, beating a number of other creepy finds that included a witch decoy kit that featured eight odd shoes, animal skulls and gun barrels.

Other strange finds included a note, which looked to have been written by a child that read, “Dear Megan, I hate you a lot at the moment but I love you…”  It confounded the owner, who noted the former tenants didn’t have any children.

Alongside the note, was a Polaroid of a man dressed in a clown costume with a sad expression on his face.

Yet another woman stumbled upon a bottle of arsenic hidden away on the wooden beams in her garage.