Instead of firefighters rescuing a cat in a tree, they rescued a child stuck in a cat tree

This is why we need labels and disclaimers on everything — because people and their children like this exist.

A woman named Cynthia Olson shared a bizarre incident that happened on Wednesday, when her young son not only climbed onto their cat tree, but proceeded to shove his head into the hole the cats are meant to jump through. 

So, imagine this woman’s surprise when she walked in her room to see her son partly dangling upside down because, surprise, his head was stuck in the hole. 

“I tried desperately to get him out myself but I’m a little vertically challenged and could not lift him straight up and turn his head and wiggle it out all at the same time alone,” Cynthia posted Wednesday to her Catspotting Society Facebook group, sharing a dozen photos in total of her son with his head stuck in the cat tree.

Because Cynthia was unable to remove her son, she had to call for help.

“I resorted to plan B,” she wrote, noting that she had to call the fire department to help free her small child. “They laughed the entire time.”

So, how did the fire department save the kid who shoved his head into a hole meant to fit a feline and definitely not a small child?  

One firefighter crouched and put his hands on the boy’s head while his partner grabbed the boy’s legs and lifted straight up — note, this all happened as the boy’s sisters judgmentally looked on.

There’s even a photo of the firefighter holding the boy upside down, like he’s trying to shake out the kid’s lunch money.

“I am sure it made for a much easier and more entertaining call than most they get these days,” Cynthia remarked of the “phenomenal” firefighters that rescued her boy.