7/08 The Dalles City Council Meeting

The Dalles City Council met last night in to deal with mostly housekeeping measures. Meeting as a contract review board, councilors awarded an annual water treatment chemical supply contract to the low bidder, Portland-based Brenntag Pacific Inc., The bid was for aluminum chlorohydrate, or ACH.

Public Works Director Dave Anderson described it this way:
07 09 24 Dave :11 “It’s the primary chemical we use at the water treatment plant to clean the water. It helps us remove the dirt and debris from the water by clumping together particles large enough so our filters can remove them.”  

The Brenntag Pacific bid came in at 49.7 cents per pound, with a total amount not to exceed $120,000. 

The council also authorized the city manager to apply on behalf of the city for a share of the national opioid settlement fund. The deadline to sign up is in early August.

And council cleaned up some outdated portions of the city’s municipal code.One item that was delayed to a later meeting was a proposal to modify certain aspects of the city council rules. Since the city’s next meeting on July 22 has a full agenda, and the council does not meet in the month of August, a modified proposal will be on the agenda in September.