Illinois Walmart called out for serving cheap ramen to employees who braved blizzard conditions

A Walmart in Illinois is getting some major bad press after it was discovered just how higher-ups decided to reward some hardworking employees.

A TikToker named millzy shared a video calling out the Walmart in Rockford after it posted a picture on Facebook of how they thanked employees who came in during a blizzard, showing two employees being treated to Maruchan ramen, which costs about 55 cents.

“Brrr it is cold outside,” read the Walmart Facebook post. “We appreciate our associates for braving through the cold to be here. Stay warm with some ramen noodle soup and crackers.” 

Millzy called out the company for the measly thank you to dedicated staff, noting, “People are walking to work in -18 (F) weather.” She added she’d be so mad to be gifted the ramen, “I’d clock out and go home.” 

And apparently she wasn’t the only one upset about it, because millzy says the Facebook post was taken down by Walmart, conceivably because it received too many negative comments.

Millzy’s post also prompted lots of people to share their terrible stories about working at Walmart, with one person writing, “I work at Walmart and our managers and team leads got pizza and a bonus while associates got nothing.”