House Republicans question why Democrats want to give incarcerated felons special privileges

House Republicans spoke up at a public hearing Tuesday on proposed legislation to give convicted felons special privileges, including the right to seek elected office, vote, and sit on a jury while in prison. Nic Scott reports from Olympia.

Republican lawmakers said House Bill 2030 is the latest in a long line of Democrat proposals that prioritize criminals over victims. Representative Greg Cheney of Battle Ground is ranking member on the House State Government and Tribal Relations Committee.

“Think about from the perspective of a victim in this – knowing that someone on that jury panel, under this proposal – that the person on that panel is also serving a current sentence for the very same crime that you were violated for.”

Considering the Democrats’ rejection of holding a hearing on restoring vehicular pursuit options for law enforcement, Representative Leonard Christian of Spokane Valley, questioned Democrat priorities.

“This one bill is beyond my understanding – why they’re pushing so hard to restore voting rights for someone who is currently incarcerated.”

This is Representative Sam Low of Lake Stevens:

“This bill is going the wrong way of where society wants us to go – society wants to see people who rape and murder, put in prison and not given special privileges.”

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