Woman tells local news about her neighbor’s messy nuts

A woman was so sick and tired of cleaning up her neighbor’s nuts, she got the local news involved.

WSOC reports the incident happened in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Pearl Williams complained her neighbor’s nuts keep falling onto her property and have caused damage, like dinging her car and creating a slipping hazard.

Now would be a good time to clarify the nuts were from a hickory tree on the neighboring property. Apparently, hickory trees produce decent-sized nuts that come in a hard, woody husk.

“It’s just gotten worse and worse,” Williams told the news outlet, saying she’s tired of constantly sweeping the tree’s nuts off her driveway — even after she complained to the homeowner.

She added, “If the shoe was on the other foot, I don’t think she would accept it like that. She would want me to do something about it.”

Her neighbor’s house is a rental property; the local news outlet reached out to the owner about the nutty situation, but has not heard back yet.

Williams hope things don’t escalate to requiring court intervention.