Carjacker doesn’t even get car he stole out of the driveway

A carjacker appeared to have a rough time stealing a car, because all he managed to do was get a few feet away with his prize.

WREG reports a man held a 22-year-old at gunpoint in Memphis, Tennessee, demanding his car and money. The unidentified victim surrendered his 2006 Honda Element and watched as the thief backed down the driveway — only to hit a utility pole.

According to WREG, the carjacker rolled down the Element’s window as he was backing out. The male victim realized the thief’s gun was missing a barrel and punched him through the open window. That caused the thief to clip their home and then back into the pole.

The car became stuck, so the thief fled on foot.

“The way the driveway dips down, the back wheel lifted off the driveway, and he couldn’t get it unstuck. It took three of us to push the car out,” the victim’s mother explained. 

“I don’t want people to think they can fight somebody, but my son said he was really distracted,” the victim’s mom added, saying the “car is fine” aside from a “big scrape on the back bumper.”

The victim’s phone was eventually recovered in a dumpster and police lifted prints off of it, but no arrest has been made.