Women reunited with husbands stolen handgun after 44 years

On March 14th the City of The Dalles Police Department was pleased to reunite Barbara with a handgun that was stolen from her late husband 44 years and eight moths ago.

The gun was recovered by the Oregon State Police when an individual presented it for a trade in on another purchase. He had been in possession of the gun for over 20 years and obtained it as a trade on another transaction. The individual had no idea the gun was stolen and cooperated with the investigation however no charges were possible.

Once the gun was returned to The City of The Dalles Police Department, Evidence Technician Heidi Anderson located the original report on microfilm and was able to view the report by taking the microfilm to the library. She followed up using other police databases to locate Barbara and arrange for the return of the stolen property.

Barbara is 101 years old and a military veteran who served during World War 2. Barbara, we thank you for your service and are happy to finally return your late husband’s property.

Photo from the City of The Dalles Facebook page: