Kid goes on $1,000 Grubhub shopping spree on parent’s phone

A young Michigan boy’s eyes were bigger than his stomach when he inadvertently spent $1,000 on his dad’s Grubhub app over the weekend.

Keith Stonehouse told Good Morning America that his 6-year-old son, Mason, was “playing” on his cellphone Saturday night before bed when he placed the order of his dreams. Shortly after Mason’s bedtime, Grubhub delivery drivers arrived to the surprise of both parents and dropped off multiple bags with food orders from Leo’s Coney Island, Happy’s Pizza and a local shawarma spot.

“I looked at my phone and all of a sudden I see ‘Grubhub, Grubhub, Grubhub,’ and in that same second all these cars and all these lights and the doorbell’s going off,” Stonehouse said. “They kept coming and they kept coming.”

Mason’s meal mishap included “giant orders of jumbo shrimp, five different orders, endless chili cheese fries, shawarma sandwiches, rice, grape leaves [and] endless ice cream,” according to his parents.

Stonehouse said he also got an alert that another order “was flagged for fraud for $439 worth of pizzas.”

“That would’ve been on top of the thousand dollars’ worth of food that was piling [up] in my kitchen,” he said.

As the parents pieced the culinary conundrum together, they realized Mason must have used the Grubhub app on his dad’s phone.

The food didn’t go to waste: Stonehouse shared the mountain of GrubHub orders with neighbors and stored some as leftovers. 

A representative for Grubhub told GMA that they reached out to Stonehouse “once we heard about the unexpected spending spree his son went on.” 

“We wanted to make things better for him and his family, so have offered to send him $1,000 worth of Grubhub gift cards,” the rep said.