Need to get away…for good? Zillow offering Las Vegas bunker

With saber rattling between the U.S. and Russia over Ukraine, and of course, COVID-19, who could blame a person for wanting to prepare for the worst?

And where better than a fully-appointed underground bunker?

Scary current events aren’t advertised as a selling point of a new Zillow listing for a $5.9 million property for sale on its site… but c’mon.

The listing for “a 15,000 square foot underground bunker located underneath a 2,300 square foot home,” explains the subterranean getaway is accessible by stairs and an elevator. The home away from home — underneath the other home — is 5,000 square feet of living space, plus a guest house, pool, a spa and sauna, a waterfall, a barbecue, and a putting green.

There are even ceilings painted to look like the sky you might miss while sheltered from the presumed apocalypse to come and its roving bands of Mad Max gas bandits.

As the advertisement notes, “Underground living is so underrated.”