Man arrested after crashing into NYC building in an attempt to meet Taylor Swift

An erratic driver crashed into a building in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood and tried to rip out the intercom system – all in a failed attempt to meet Taylor Swift, police sources tell ABC Audio.

The man drove down Franklin Street in the wrong direction, crashing into the front of a building at around 5 a.m. Thursday morning. He reversed the vehicle and drove at the building again, hitting a fire hydrant. The man then got out of his vehicle and tried to yank the intercom system from the door of the building, in an apparent attempt to get inside.

His attempts were unsuccessful, and he started walking away from the building when police arrived and took him into custody. The man was mumbling about Taylor Swift, who owns property in the neighborhood. He was taken to the hospital for an evaluation. Charges are likely. 

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that the man said he wasn’t going to leave until he met with Taylor. It’s not known if she was even in the area at the time; she owns property in several different states.

This particular area of Tribeca is a frequent target of break-ins by people trying to meet the singer.