Family evicts 60,000 “nice” bees from home

A Florida family finally fed up with all the buzzing decided it was time to evict the up to 80,000 bees that have taken residence behind their bathroom wall. 

Stefanie and Dan Graham of St. Petersburg, Florida enlisted the help of professional beekeeper Elisha Bixler, who estimated there was somewhere between 60,000-80,000 bees and 100 pounds of honey in the home.

Bixler told The New York Times“There was honey everywhere: walls, floor, on my shoes, doorknobs. I had to pull the wall down to the studs to get all of the comb out.”  She even posted video footage of the bees and their removal on her Instagram.

As for how it the colony got so big, Stefanie explained that they didn’t mind having the bees around — it was only when they decided to remodel their bathroom that the bees had to go. 

“We both really love nature and we love bees. We’re like, ‘We’ll leave you alone. You leave us alone.’ They were nice bees. So we were like, ‘Sure, go ahead, live in our shower’,” she said. 

So where are the bees now? Bixler safely transported them back to her farm.