Pro tip: Don’t have laser surgery while your beautician is arguing with her beau

A Turkish woman suffered disfiguring scars following a laser rejuvenation treatment performed while her beautician was arguing with her boyfriend on the phone, a court has ruled.

Asli Ilhan, 42, felt her face burning when the practitioner exchanged heated words with her beau during the client’s second laser facelift in November 2020, according to the U.K. tabloid The Sun.

“People sometimes make mistakes, but [on this occasion] I paid a high price,” Ilhan, who lives in the Muratpasa region of Antalya, reportedly told the court.

“I am facing a bigger problem than saggy skin now. I have a lot of trouble with the marks on my face. I feel awful,” she added as she sought damages for negligence.

The court ordered the salon to pay Ilhan the equivalent of about $260 — in 10 installments — for the egregious mistake, an amount the woman’s lawyer slammed as “simply not enough.”

“We think that the penalty for burning a person’s face in a way that leaves obvious marks is not a judicial fine,” Suleyman Kesici said.

Ilhan, who adds, “I absolutely do not accept this decision,” has also demanded her money back from another salon whose treatment to fix her condition only made it worse, according to the Sun.