Man pronounced dead, is alive hours later

In a moment of the happiness and utter shock, a man declared dead was found alive nearly seven hours later. 

After being hit by a speeding motorcycle, Srikesh Kumar of Moradabad, India was declared dead by the time he had reached the hospital. He was then transported to the freezer at a hospital morgue, where he stayed in the freezer overnight.

By the time Kumar’s family arrived to identify the body, almost seven hours had passed, Yet when his sister in-law, Madhubala Gauta, touched him, she was shocked to find signs of life. 

“I touched his cheeks and called him ‘jija ji’ [brother-in-law]. To my happiness and horror, it was warm. He was breathing,” she told Times of India. “Then I asked him to wake up, saying ‘I am Madhu and have come to see you’, to which he immediately responded and I informed police and called a doctor, who found him alive.”

Kumar is currently in a coma and undergoing treatment.