You can have a third nipple WHERE?

TikTokers have been posting videos claiming their moles are extra nipples, but while most are located on their chest, one doctor on TikTok insists you can actually get nipples on your feet.

National Health Service doctor Karan Rajan cites a 2010 medical paper which examined a man who thought he had a mole growing on his foot, bit “was actually a nipple and areola complex.”

Dr. Rajan also said that in 2006 doctors found breast tissue and a nipple on the foot of a woman.

“This is known as a pseudomamma, false breast,” he said. “When doctors removed this lump they even found ducts and sweat glands normally found in the breast. Although extra nipples and breast tissue normally appear on the mammary line, they can technically be anywhere.”

Having additional nipples is rare, and Dr. Rajan said it occurs in just 1% of people.