“Wait, before I cross the Canadian border, I must bring my 56 handguns first!”

This Florida woman really needs to work on her hide and seek skills… Or her poker face.  Either way, she was unsuccessful in getting 56 handguns across the Canadian border.

The Canada Border Services Agency says a 48-year-old woman, identified as Vivian Richards, drove up from Florida and tried crossing into Canada through Port Huron, Michigan.  Police felt something was amiss and, when inspecting her car, found a cache of weapons stashed in her trunk.

In all, they recovered 56 handguns and 100 rounds of ammunition, which is “one of the largest single firearm seizures in the Southern Ontario Region in recent history,” the agency reports. 

13 of the guns were considered over-capacity magazines while the remaining 43 were ten-round pistol magazines.  In addition, CBSA says some of the guns’ serial numbers were altered or removed.

Richards faces a number of charges, including smuggling, evading compliance, making false or deceptive statements, and unauthorized possession of a prohibited or restricted weapon.

She is due back in court on November 24.  Police are still investigating the incident.