Statement by FBI Special Agent in Charge Kieran L. Ramsey

Twenty-five years ago, Trooper Jeffries took an oath of office as FBI Special Agent Jeffries. As a young man, he joined the FBI with a mission to serve his country. As a case agent, pilot, firearms instructor, and SWAT team member, John served with honor. He was an agent’s agent – first in the door and always doing the right thing in the right way. He was a respected leader, and his retirement in 2016 was a loss for the FBI. 

John’s call to service didn’t end there, though. This year, John was driven by a sense of duty and purpose to join OSP as a new trooper, completing Oregon’s law enforcement academy alongside men and women who were as much as 30 years his junior.  

There are only two things John loves more than his law enforcement service – his family and his faith. Today and every day, OSP and the FBI will care for John and his family as he has cared for us. We are extremely grateful to the OSP, their leadership, and the OSP family, as they circle around Trooper Jeffries. The FBI joins OSP in asking the public for their love and support for John and his family as he recovers from these serious injuries. Please also give this family the privacy and space it needs to nurture his recovery.