Billie Eilish signs petition asking President Biden to send pardoned turkeys to animal sanctuary

Billie Eilish is one of several celebrities who’ve signed a petition asking President Biden to make sure any turkeys he plans to symbolically “pardon” this year have a good home.

Farm Sanctuary, which rescues farm animals and rehomes them at its properties in Los Angeles and New York State, started the petition to ask that the turkeys be sent to them, so that they can receive special care after being “pardoned” in the traditional pre-Thanksgiving ceremony at the White House.

“These turkeys are often sent to farms, petting zoos, and universities with poultry science programs, where they are likely not cared for as individuals with unique personalities, emotions, needs, and preferences,” Farm Sanctuary notes.

“Modern turkeys have been genetically altered to grow exceptionally fast and large and they require specialized attention, which birds pardoned by previous presidents haven’t received,” the petition reads.

“As we approach the holiday season—meant to be a time of gratitude and goodwill—we hope you’ll accept our offer to provide sanctuary and the best life possible for pardoned turkeys,” it continues. “Here, they will have the opportunity to dust bathe, feel grass beneath their feet, enjoy a robust social life, and receive personalized care.”

Billie, who’s been vegan since the age of 12, is just one of a number of stars who’ve signed the petition, among them Joaquin Phoenix, Dave Bautista, Ricky Gervais, Mayim Bialik, Rooney Mara, Margaret Cho and Natasha Lyonne.