Rise and shine the Squid Game way — with a dart to the head

If you’re one of the many Squid Game fans, you’ll be happy to know there’s now an alarm clock based on Netflix’s hit series that wakes you up with a dart to the head.

It’s a miniature version of the animatronic pig-tailed doll from the show’s “Red Light, Green Light” game — an extreme version of the children’s game, that usually plays out with one person calling out “green light” while those behind them to run, but must stop when the caller says “red light.” However, unlike the playground version, where those caught moving during a red light are out, the Squid Game version shoots them dead.

Similarly, if you don’t heed the alarm clock’s warning in time, the doll’s neck stretches open as she turns toward the bed and fires a dart at your head. It also plays the dreaded “One, Two, Three, Sun” song.

Think this is hoax? The inventor has posted a clip of the Squid Game Alarm Clock in action on YouTube.