Klickitat County Sheriffs letter to U.S. Attorney General


DATE:  October 18, 2021

TO:  U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland                                   

        U.S. Department of Justice

        950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

        Washington, DC 20530-0001

FROM:  Sheriff Bob Songer

              Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office

              205 South Columbus Avenue, Room 108

              Goldendale, WA. 98620-9291

SUBJECT:  Justice Department to Target Parents Who Threaten School Staff

I want to inform you, as the Elected Sheriff of Klickitat County, Washington, I will not be cooperating with the F.B.I. to target parents at School Board Meetings.

Parents have a Constitutional Right under the First Amendment to free speech and assembly at School Board Meetings.

In my opinion Parents have a Constitutional Right to question the School Board members during the School Board Meeting about what their children are being taught in school.

Parents have a right to voice their objections to School Board Members in regards to mask mandates and to what their child is being taught.  Parents have every right to voice their objections to having their children being taught Critical Race Theory Curriculum and Gender Identity Curriculum.

My deputies and I will not be cooperating with the F.B.I. or any other federal agency in targeting parents as domestic terrorist groups at school board meetings.  

The F.B.I. or any other Federal Agency needs to stay out of our County.  The Sheriff’s Office will investigate any parent who is reported as making threats of bodily harm to school board members, teachers or school staff.  However, this also includes school board members, teachers or school staff making threats of bodily harm to any parent.  If our investigation shows an individual has made threats of bodily harm, we will file criminal charges against the individual under Washington State law.

A parent telling the school board members to resign or that they are going to recall them is not a crime under Washington State Law.


Bob Songer, Sheriff

Klickitat County, Washington


Sheriff Tom Jones, Grant County

Sheriff Robert Udell, Yakima County

Sheriff Dave Brown, Skamania County

Sergeant Nate Hovinghoff, Washington State Police

Chief Jay Hunziker, Goldendale Police Department

Chief Mike Hepner, Bingen White Salmon Police Department

F.B.I. Agent in Charge, Yakima Office

U.S. Attorney Joseph H. Harrington, Eastern District of Washington

Klickitat County Board of County Commissioners

David Quesnel, Klickitat County Prosecuting Attorney

Governor Jay Inslee, State of Washington

Attorney General Bob Ferguson, State of Washington

Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office Employees

Sheriff Richard Mack, Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association

Media: Goldendale Sentinel, White Salmon Enterprise, Gorge Radio Stations