911? I have to pee

(NOTE NATURE) What do you do when you really have to go, but you’re stuck in traffic? An Ontario, Canada man thought calling 911 was his best bet.

Peel Regional Police tweeted the audio on Friday to remind people about the proper uses of the 911 service.

When the operator asks the man if he needs police, fire or ambulance, he first asks for an ambulance, before telling the operator he actually needs police.

“The thing is I have to pee and these guy are not moving,” he tells the operator.

“This is your emergency? That you have to pee?,” asks the operator. “And how are the police going to help you urinate?”

The caller then repeats to the operator that he has to pee.

“I’m not sure what you’d like me to do if you have to urinate, I can’t help you with that,” the operator says before disconnecting the call.

“Calling 9-1-1 because you need to use the bathroom and the car ahead isn’t moving fast enough, is definitely #NotFor911,” Peel police wrote in a message included with the audio.

“9-1-1 misuse can potentially prevent someone with a life-threatening emergency from getting help on time,” they added.