Man towing Boeing jet looks at low pedestrian bridge and stupidly thinks, “Yeah, I can get under that”

Sometimes, you will never know what was going through someone’s mind as they do something incredibly stupid… like thinking a jet plane can fit under a pedestrian bridge while towing it on the freeway.

Yahoo! News reports the incident happened in India, when a man pulling a large Boeing jet on the Gurugram-Delhi highway tried driving under a low bridge.  It became apparent pretty quickly that it wasn’t going to fit — as he was clued in by the crunching sounds coming from behind his cabin.

Everything was caught on camera, too.

The Air India jet was left stuck under the bridge as crews worked to rescue both it and the bridge.  The jet was apparently being transported to its new owner because it was no longer being used by the plane company.

Reps for Air India claim, “Air India has got no connection whatsoever with the aircraft under any circumstances… It’s a scrapped aircraft of Air India which has been sold off. This was transported last night by the party.”

No update on the truck driver nor is there word of how damaged both the plane and the bridge were.