Marine Board Now Accepting Boating Facility Cycle Two Grant Applications

Beginning October 1, the Marine Board is accepting Cycle Two boating facility grant applications. The application deadline is December 10, 2021, for the 2021-2023 biennium. 

Grants are available to public entities such as cities, counties, and state and federal agencies that own and operate boating access facilities and need financial assistance to improve access to Oregon’s waterways. 

Cycle Two grants are intended for multi-faceted boating facility improvements with a medium to a high level of complexity. Eligible projects include property acquisition, construction within the in-water windows, and permitting for replacing boat ramps, boarding docks, repaving, or redesigning parking lots or sanitation renovations. 

Boating facility grant applications are awarded three times during a two-year biennium based on available funding. The Cycle Two funding allocates 20% of the available boating facilities resources and focuses on projects that can be completed within 14 months remaining in the biennium. The Marine Board’s Boating Facility staff also provide technical assistance for grant applicants at every step of the project; from concept, design/engineering, permitting, surveying, and inspections of any given project. This professional assistance oftentimes saves time and money for the facility provider. 

The Marine Board awards more than $5 million biennially for boating facility improvements. Since 2001, the agency has awarded $44 million in facility grants in Oregon. These grants are funded from motorboat title and registration fees and marine fuel tax revenue. 

Prospective applicants are encouraged to download an application and review resources online, including the Boating Facility, Waterway Access and Small Grant Procedure Guide.