Carly Pearce learns from the past as she starts dating again

Carly Pearce isn’t about to let her divorce to Michael Ray keep her from finding love again.

The singer, who has been quietly seeing former MLB player Riley King for a few months and speaking about it mostly in photos shared on social media, says she learned plenty from her brief marriage, lessons she is using as she starts dating again.

“I think anytime you go through something painful and unexpected, you have a decision to make: Is this going to define you or refine you and for me, I feel like this chapter in my life refined me and will only make me better in my next chapter,” Carly told E! Online. “I think, hindsight is always 20/20. And for me, I learned a lot through that relationship. Now, I know better as I enter into a new one.”

Carly’s 29: Written in Stone album is out now. She will kick off her own headlining The 29 Tour in November.