Pope urges compassion as he wraps Slovakia pilgrimage

SASTIN, Slovakia (AP) — Pope Francis has urged Slovakians look out for the neediest among them as he wraps up a four-day pilgrimage to the central European country. Cheering, maskless crowds lined Francis’ motorcade route to the national shrine at Sastin. They were rewarded with a slow-moving popemobile jaunt and a smiling, waving Francis. Organizers said 60,000 people attended the Mass, the biggest crowd at any event during the pope’s four-day pilgrimage to Slovakia. They showed proof of COVID-19 vaccination to receive a barcode that gave them entrance. A few thousand non-vaccinated pilgrims were allowed in with proof of a negative test or having been cured of the virus. The Mass was Francis’ only big event Wednesday before he returns to Rome after a four-day pilgrimage to Hungary and Slovakia.