September is National Preparedness Month: Steps to build an outage kit and stay informed

Portland, ORE. – To recognize National Preparedness Month, Portland General Electric and Pacific Power are encouraging their customers to be prepared year-round for power outages. While ongoing updates to the power grid and electrical equipment continue to enhance reliability, outages may still occur. PGE and Pacific Power are raising awareness about resources that are available to customers that can help make a power outage easier to manage.   

Basic emergency supplies 

Customers should prepare essentials including: 

  • A two-week supply of shelf-stable food and water for their household and pets, including livestock. 
  • Necessary medications and a backup plan for medical devices that need electricity to operate. 
  • An emergency kit with flashlights, batteries, solar phone chargers, first aid and essential phone numbers. 
  • Plans for relocating with a friend, family member or shelter, especially for people with a medical condition that requires electricity, or those needing to work or learn from home during an outage. 

Keeping informed 

Customers should log onto their accounts and make sure their electricity provider has current contact information so they can reach customers if necessary. In the event of an outage: 

  • PGE customers can report an outage and get updates by logging onto PGE’s mobile app or online account, or by calling 800-544-1795.  
  • Pacific Power customers can text OUT to 722797, report an outage online or call 877-508-5088 to report an outage or check status, or use the Pacific Power mobile app.  

Additional resources 

PGE has posted more resources and information for residential and business customers on An interactive map outlining potential public safety power shutoff areas is available on   

Pacific Power has also posted resources and information including an outage preparation checklist for residential and business customers and an interactive map outlining potential public safety power shutoff areas on    

About Portland General Electric Company 

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About Pacific Power 

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