30 years later, Trisha Yearwood reflects on what makes “She’s in Love With the Boy” so “timeless”

Friday marks the 30th anniversary of Trisha Yearwood’s self-titled debut album, which gave us her breakout hit single, “She’s in Love With the Boy.”

Looking back on the song now, Trisha credits the success of “She’s in Love With the Boy” to its universal relatability.  “I think no matter what age you are, you can find yourself in ‘She’s in Love With the Boy.’ It’s timeless!” the singer reflects. 

Specifically, she says, the song tells a universal story about young lovers facing pushback from family members who are skeptical about their relationship. Parental caution and young love have always been at odds, but ultimately — in the song and often in life — romance wins the day.

“Whatever the relationship is, from the beginning of time, there’s always been disapproval,” Trisha continues. “And there’s always been somebody to go, ‘Hey, wait a minute — remember when we were young and your parents didn’t approve of you? It worked out. Just give these guys a break.’ So it’s a timeless message.”

To commemorate the anniversary, Trisha has released a new, acoustic version of “She’s in Love With the Boy,” which will find a home on the track list of the upcoming deluxe version of her album Every Girl.