Internet Purchase of Fireworks

Olympia – The Washington State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO) wants residents to be aware of the facts about internet fireworks sales.  Under the following conditions, presale of consumer fireworks may occur online:

·         The fireworks may only be delivered to the consumer at a licensed and permitted fireworks stand during the legally authorized time periods. 

·         The fireworks for sale are legally allowed to be purchased in Washington and the sale, possession, and discharge are allowed in the jurisdiction where the sale is occurring.

·         All advertisements for the sale of fireworks will contain the license number and expiration date of the licensee.

·         The purchase or receipt of fireworks must be through a Washington licensed fireworks retailer or wholesaler.

Fireworks cannot be legally purchased over the internet and shipped to a private residence or picked up anywhere other than a licensed and permitted fireworks stand.

For more information about the sale and use of fireworks in your area contact your local fire authority or the SFMO at (360) 596-3929 or visit