KCSO responds to Domestic Violence Assault

On June 20, 2021, the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of domestic violence assault at a residence in the 1300 block of Canyon Road in Appleton, Washington. Sergeant Erik Anderson and Reserve Deputy Cody Melton responded to the call.

     Dispatch stayed on the line with the wife of the suspect, and at one point in time the wife of the suspect advised her husband had armed himself with a rifle, but told the dispatcher her husband did not have any bullets for the rifle.

     Sergeant Anderson arrived first and the interaction with the husband was captured on the dash camera that was mounted in Sergeant Anderson’s patrol vehicle. Sergeant Anderson activated the red and blue flashing lights on his patrol vehicle while coming down the driveway, to identify himself as law enforcement.

     The husband can be seen on video approaching Sergeant Anderson’s patrol vehicle holding a rifle in his right hand. Sergeant Anderson confronted the husband and ordered him to drop his rifle. The video shows the husband lift the rifle up and point it in Sergeant Anderson’s direction. Sergeant Anderson drew his service pistol and ordered the husband to drop the rifle. The wife stepped in front of her husband and tried to get him to put the rifle down. The wife was able to get her husband to put the gun down after some struggling. Sergeant Anderson and Reserve Deputy Melton attempted to arrest the husband, but he resisted the arrest.

     The husband was taken to the ground by Reserve Deputy Melton and once on the ground the scuffle continued. Sergeant Anderson and Reserve Deputy Melton continued to wrestle with the husband in an attempt to get him in handcuffs. After a period of time, Sergeant Anderson, and Reserve Deputy Melton, were able to secure the husband in handcuffs. Sergeant Anderson and the husband both sustained minor injuries during the scuffle.

     The rifle was recovered and was found to be a 6.5 X 55 Swedish Mouser. Upon inspection Sergeant Anderson found the rifle was loaded with one round in the chamber and three additional rounds in the magazine.

     After interviewing the wife, it was determined the husband had assaulted her, causing minor injuries. The husband appeared to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incidents.

     The husband was identified as Robert Thysell Sr., 61 years old, of Appleton, Washington. Thysell was booked into the Klickitat County Jail for assault in the second degree, assault in the fourth-degree domestic violence, and resisting arrest.

     Sheriff Songer wants to commend Sergeant Anderson and Reserve Deputy Melton for their heroism and bravery while in the line of fire. The video evidence collected in this case shows how quickly a situation can escalate for law enforcement officers. If Sergeant Anderson had shot Thysell in response to Thysell pointing his rifle at Sergeant Anderson, the video evidence would have been invaluable.