Wyden Calls for Investigation, Reforms, Following Revelations of Trump Spying on Members of Congress

U.S Senator Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today issued the following statement after reports that Donald Trump spied on Members of Congress:

“Donald Trump’s efforts to surveil Adam Schiff as part of a political vendetta is both a direct attack on the separation of powers and Congressional independence.

“Revelations about the Trump Justice Department’s targeting of journalists and political rivals proves again how surveillance powers can be abused and the need to put strict limits on gag orders that prevent the targets of this spying from learning about it for years. I plan to introduce legislation to reform the abuse of gag orders and provide more transparency about government surveillance.

“Finally, there must be a full investigation of abuses under former Attorneys General Sessions and Barr, and anyone at DOJ who was complicit in these abuses of power cannot be trusted to continue serving in government. The current Justice Department needs to act with much greater urgency both to reveal abuses and ensure full accountability for those responsible. “