Boil Water Advisory Lifted

Certain customers of the City of The Dalles water system were notified on June 3rd to boil their drinking water before consumptive use such as drinking, preparing food and baby formula, brushing teeth and making ice. We are pleased to report that the water mains have been repaired. Tests show no bacteria in City water and you no longer need to boil your water before drinking it. Crews worked hard to restore normal water service as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

On the night of June 2nd, a large water main broke and pressure was lost in a portion of the City’s water system. The affected area was generally limited to that east of Lewis Street to Thompson Street, from East 9th to East 19th Streets. On June 3rd, the City issued a drinking water warning to boil water before using for the affected area as a precaution to protect public health. The water main has now been repaired, the system has been flushed, and test results indicate that the water is safe to drink. If you live in the affected area, please throw away any ice that may have been made by automatic ice makers after June 3rd.

A map showing the affected area is available on the City’s website at    

After water main repairs, water flowing from your tap may be discolored from stirred up sediment or milky white caused by tiny air bubbles. Although discolored water won’t make you sick, you might want to flush the pipe by running the water for several minutes before drinking or washing.

If the water does not clear or if you experienced property damage from the broken water mains, please contact the Public Works office at 541-296-5401.