Wyden Statement on Republican Infrastructure Counteroffer

Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today released the following statement on Republicans’ infrastructure counteroffer:

“Combatting the climate crisis in a jobs and infrastructure package is non-negotiable. Yesterday, for the first time, the Finance Committee advanced comprehensive clean energy legislation. It would invest nearly $260 billion in tax incentives for clean energy, clean transportation and energy efficiency. These incentives, which are tied to emissions reductions, are critical to meeting our climate goals and creating good-paying, clean energy jobs. In contrast, Republicans today put forward a plan that includes virtually no investments in our clean-energy future. A so-called infrastructure proposal that does nothing to move toward a clean-energy future is not a serious proposal. It’s been 12 years since Democrats last had a real opportunity to pass climate legislation. And if Republicans aren’t serious, we can’t afford to wait another 12 years. We need to keep moving forward.”