Women “dies of shame” after mouse flees from her handbag while at grocery store

Cats are notorious for a lot of things, but inadvertently causing a grocery store shut down has to be a new one on the list. 

Case in point — A woman was left horrified after a mouse escaped from her handbag while in the checkout line at Aldi. As most know, one way that felines show affection to their owner is by gifting them with an animal they caught — dead or alive. In this case, the mouse was definitely alive.

“Thanks to the cat, I’ve just died of shame in Aldi. Last night she caught a mouse,” the woman shared to social media, according to The Mirror. “Wind onto the part that I get my purse to pay for the shopping. I undo the zip to take my purse out and a mouse jumps out and onto the floor.”

“I then apologize profusely whilst the checkout man chases it down the aisle,” she continued.

Another patron of the store corroborated the story adding that the store announced they had to shut down “due to a health and safety matter” after failing to locate where the rodent went.

While Aldi declined to comment on the incident, they did state that they had since reopened.